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The art of dice and there efficacy as a betting medium has been around for centuries. The easily calculable statistics and random chance of these dice games make them extremely exciting to wager on. Sic bo is a Chinese originating dice game played with 3 dice, each with 6 equal sides, and a betting table not unlike that of Roulette.

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The fundamental gameplay of this classic is for Sic bo online players to wager and exploit the probabilities of the different possible 3 dice outcomes. Presented with a betting board as the game begins, players must then decide on a bet, or series of bets, to make on the next roll of these dice. Unlike the game of online Craps, each roll results in a terminating round, that is to say that each roll players either win or lose the bet.

The different types of bets are almost self explanatory. Almost. Off the list players can wager on individual die outcomes from the 3, they can bet on specific doubles or triples, as well as both as a whole. There are also specific roll results that players can wager on, for example a 6 and a 1 etcetera. Players can also wager on two broader terms, high or low, or lower, middle and upper third. These both utilise the total sum of the dice to evaluate wins or losses.

Sic bo Online Through Dubai Casinos

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Sic bo Online Casino Safety made Certain

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