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There are some casino games that are so famous they require little to no introduction. This is definitely the case for Poker online. A fantastically exciting game of cards, that over the years has developed several enticing variations that are both wholly unique as well as still holding on to the core fundamental aspects.

This means that not only can the players of Dubai enjoy the beauty of this game through the top Dubai online casinos right here at OnlineCasinoDubai.org but they can also find exactly the type of variant they prefer. Spoiled for choice here the casinos also offer high levels of security and some very helpful player support throughout the online experience. This is the place to enjoy the full online casino experiences made possible in Dubai.

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This great casino classic has, as mentioned above, accrued several great variations that make the experience a more complete and open event. However throughout these different forms of Poker games online there are some aspects of the game that have remained true to all variations and therefore a good understanding of these core traits will serve the players well as they endeavour to find their favourite versions as well as try to score some big wins.

The main fixed aspect is the card values and the order of hand strengths. In this mobile casino classic the values of the cards always run from Ace to Ace, with the Ace acting both as a 1 and the card value above a King. This is to enable more of the straight possibilities. As for the possible online Poker hands, these begin simply with a high card. Since the objective of this classic is to best the other players at the table, a card high win is not uncommon.

Next is the pair, followed by two pair. This leads to a triple, or three of a kind, which is directly bested by a Straight followed immediately by a Flush. A Straight is 5 cards in consecutive order, with the higher order being better than a lower card value order of 5.

The Flush on the other hand is five cards of the same suit. Next is four of a kind, followed by the best combination in the game, the straight flush. This last combination has the potential of being the very highest hand possible if the card values are of the highest combination available, ending with Ace, and this is called the famous Royal Flush.

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Though the online Poker is definitely fantastic here on the casino sites reviewed by OnlineCasinoDubai.org, the online environment and casino sites’ setup are also definitely worth mentioning. This includes the always important safety and security features that the online casinos offer to the players. These casinos here include some of the best available encryptions and online software to protect and shield the players’ information and transactions made across the poker online casino sites. There is also full player support available 24/7 so players can ask for help with queries and problems they may have.